Women Body Shaper: How Does it Help You & Choose The Best


Today, body shapers are one of the most widely used and must have item in your closet. This is happened because of many people suffering from problems like obesity.

Because of this extra weight, it is not surprising that people have lost confidence and have stopped trying out the trendy clothes they have. They are moving towards more of plus size and loose clothes. Not comfortable enough showing their body.

However, there is always a desire to look slim fit and be able to wear your favourite clothes, this is exactly where a body shaper comes in handy.

Our women body shaper is made up of polyamide and spandex. With 4 spiral steel bones it provides support to the back and flattens tummy. The ergonomic design helps lift your butt and slims thigh. A complete all in one package.

A body shaper is a piece of clothing that you wear to give an illusion of a flatter, slimmer, fitter and a more sexy body. It is also called by many different names such as body slimmers, shapewear etc.

A body shaper helps you with an enhanced sexy look, more self confidence and completes the desire of being able to try your favourite piece of clothing. Therefore, it is also referred as one of the must have in your closet.

There are a variety of shapewears available in the market. There are shapewears for every part of the body where fats can accumulate like thighs, tummy, hips etc.

Guide to Choose Best Female Body Shaper?

The body shaper is one of the must haves in your closet. It is very important that you choose your size correctly. A miss fit will not meet your purpose and therefore, this guide will help you choose the one that is a perfect fit for you.

Follow these guidelines before buying a body shaper for yourself.

Design & Construction

A body shaper is usually worn under the dress and has a specific purpose that needs to be met. Therefore, it is important you check the design and construction before buying.


There are shapewears available today for all body parts, but if you need one to flatten your tummy then a thigh slimmer will not work. You need to choose the design that meets your purpose and check the construction for quality.

The fabric, steel bones for support etc are few things which gives you an idea for the construction. We use 4 steel bones in our everyday use body shaper to provide tummy control and back support. The fabric is also double layered for compression and sweat.

Breathable & Comfortable

The body shaper should be breathable and comfortable to wear over a long duration. It should not be suffocating or the compression being so strong that it causes breathing problem.

A shaper should have moderate compression that gives you the feel of compression and is breathable, comfortable so that you can wear it for prolonged hours.

Sometimes, body slimmers are also referred as body shpaers. They are designed to make you sweat a lot more during the workout. The everyday use shapers can also be used for workout but the intensity of sweat will vary.


You should always measure your size and then buy accordingly. It is an advice that you buy the current size and not go for smaller sizes.

If you are under the impression that a smaller size will flatten your tummy more, then it is not the case. It can rupture your skin, cause breathing problems and suffocate you.

For our shapers we always advice our customers to measure themselves in the said manner.

Measure 1 inch above navel for waistline, the fullest part of butt for hip size and refer to the size chart. If you have any doubts or questions, you can connect with us and we will be happy to help.

Benefits of using Body Shapers

Shape wears have been around for centuries and it is not something that has come a new. However, the technology does upgrade and therefore the shpaewear today are more comfortable and easy to use. Let’s check out some of the benefits of shapewears.


1. Slim & Sleek Look

Reducing weight and fats can be a tough task. It does require dedication to reduce weight and fats. Without much of a hassle you can wear a shapewear and achieve your desired look. It makes you look slimmer, fitter and more sexier.

2. Support

The designs and latest technology of shapewear provides support to your tummy and back. The steel spiral bones provide flexibility and support. They hold your tummy in shape and provide back support. It is one of the most recommended products for women to recover post pregnancy.

3. Invisible

These shapewears are usually worn under your clothes as a result they remain invisible to the naked eye. They are worn like undergarments and the fabric used for construction makes it comfortable to wear. The best part is, it is only you who knows that you are wearing a body shaper. It makes you look special and spectacular.

4. Cost-Friendly

Shapewears are cost friendly when you compare them with the other available solutions for slimming. It is also a piece of cloth which lasts longer and you can use it with your desired dress or daily.

5. Strengthen Muscles

You can also wear a body shaper while exercising and it helps in strengthen muscles of your body. It holds your body in shape and the compression helps you burn more, thereby resulting in more exertion. This helps strengthen your muscles.

6. Aids in Weight Loss

A body shaper does aid or helps in weight loss but they are not really meant for that purpose. A body shaper helps shape your look for the moment and holds you together on it but weight loss is a different thing altogether from it.

Yes, you can exercise wearing a shapewear and it can help you loose a few pounds of weight but it is very difficult to say if you will be able to see any major weight loss results.

Our Verdict

Body Shapers are definitely the must have item in your closet. There are numerous occasions where you can use them such as, cycling, running, party, daily office etc. It fits the needs and meets the results.

It is being used so many people and they are happy with the results too. Your confidence also gets a boost when you look and feel good.

You also need to be cautious while using it. It might also turn out that the shapewear may not be the best for you. In such a case, consult a doctor before using.


Follow our guidelines and choose the best body shaper from our store. So go ahead and glimpse through our store and choose the best body shaper for yourself. You can also connect with us in case of any queries and we will be happy to help.

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